The game draft!

So, after working for a long time on shaping what I do actually want to reach from my game and the idea that I can send through the game to the ones who play it, I shared the link of the game, which is this:

I would love to have your opinions and if there is anything you would recommend to modify or add.
Thanks in advance!


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  1. Dear Ramez- I played the game a few days ago but I’m sorry I didn’t leave any comments. I felt the situations were mostly straightforward and so I’m not sure if the player will learn something new? I know that in reality some people know they will act differently.. but you may want to make it slightly different, more complex. For example, in the first scenario of the ID, if the person does not have their ID with them it would be a bigger problem, right? Otherwise, if they have their ID, why would they make a big deal of it? you know?

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    1. Thanks a lot for your remarks.
      I will make sure to consider and work with your notes.
      For the part of the ID, unfortunately some got tired of getting their ID out and just want to pass from the opened one. There is always a pc that we can enter through our ID number manually. So, if the one would not allow to get his ID out it is not a big deal with him that he will also refuse to write the number manually.


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