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Final Reflection

So, first before answering the given questions for this final reflection, I wanna add that I thought this assessment is just made for the professor and other generations who are going to take this course later to improve themselves.
However, after finishing it I realized that it was done for me too! I got benefited from it! As I had to open the class slides drive and go to every single file and explore it in order to remember everything about the class since the beginning of the semester! This activity and process helped me to fix (set) class info. in my brain memory well! So, this activity can replaces an exam cause if it is done properly (I am sorry for judging that this method is a ‘proper’ one, it is just from my personal view) it requires the one to revise the whole class material which is something great!

Image result for reflection worth reading
  1. a) I learned in the very first class when the professor asked us to write our names on Google images and see what the results were. I gained the idea of the Digital identity of me, which has to be progressed a lot than it actually is. The blogging thing is much than great! I have considered it a reputable respected platform to share my ideas through!

b) I will use in my life: some of what I listened at the CLT Centennial Symposium. It was about “Transforming Learning Environments via Student Partnership”. So, maybe you tell me to include it at the academics section, this panel was more general for me than just academics cause i will apply it in many aspects in my life starting from nowadays when dealing with the professor with this high mindset mentality reaching when I bring up my children! You may think I am exaggerating but it is really beneficial for the education process in life not only inside university as education is a process that occurs daily out of the school/university context!

c) I will use in my social life: I think that I learned the actual practical dialogue from Soliya sessions that I really need to listen more in my life (Social life). I started applying and I felt like I am on the right track for many reasons.
I think I will continue using both the WordPress and slack in my social life after the end of the course.

d)  I will use in my career: the Alternative CV thing! It is a very cool idea to get to know each other from the perspective that what I want people to know about me! I think it is a very first step in order to have a healthy relationship with people around me. So, whatever team I am part of I will ask to have this idea applied on. You know sometimes it takes so much time to break the borders and cross to each other, I think this alternative CV helps a lot in this process. All what we need in the world is a better communication and this task (alternative CV) is one of the ways to communicate each other!

2. I would use the Fake news assignment, I liked how the posts of the whole class are posted in the google slides to be able to have them all at one place maybe for further using! We are suffering especially in Egypt from the fake news everywhere around us. That is why we need to put on the idea of getting enough credible sources for any thing we hear to be able to examine if it is fake or authentic (real). I also liked the idea of having the professor commented on our sources weather it is credible enough or not. Although this assignment is one of those few that I did not get the full grade in (although I go more sources after the doctor’s comments’) but I really liked it and found it very useful! I thought even that I need to do something like this in Arabic to spread using it with people who do not know English in Egypt.

Another activity which is the informative Game. It is the other one that I did not the full grade in. I felt love with most of the games and felt like each one has its own uniqueness cause each was addressing specific issue that does not apply to other games and that is the function of variety! That is why maybe my game does not to appeal the doctor but for me I found it addressing an important issue and situations that are always critical enough to the extent that they causes problems.

I would choose the alternative CV activity as my third thing to show. I loved the idea of having a part of my character that does appear while being professional either in interviews, conferences or work. However, one always should know the other measures and scale of each personality to be able to cope up with as we are all different from each other and need to learn about each other. So I imagined that If I am going to hold by any way an interview with someone, I will ask the candidate to shape his own alternative CV of things like: what does he love, what he does not love, what is interesting about him and any other thing that the candidate would feel like he/she wants to mention about themselves.

3. The promise the doctor told us in the very first class after the great welcoming with refreshments that from time to time we will find something like this later,also the doctor told us that she did not get only one thing but she maintains variety for the sake of variety and all of this stuff and it never happened again. Most probably the professor had forgot this deal. So, you are not required at all to do this, but you made yourself committed to it because you said so.
In Arabic we say “كتر خير”, that means that it is great of him/her doing this, but that is what this reflection assignment requires thought.
Update: someone reminded me that actually the doctor had got us at least three times refreshments :sweat_smile: So I remember now the rick cakes, chocolate and dates! Sorry for this confusion though.

I would have now to think in something else that I have to be changed for further development, I am not sure if the multiple platforms is a meant part of the course or not. However, I have taken some time to get used to it and for the month or maybe more it has been a confusion for me, as there were: Blackboard, Slack, WordPress, the course website and the AUC mail as means for the course. So, I think it is a big number of distraction to be opening all of these. However, after some time I got used to what I may use each one for. I do not know what is the offset for these platforms though, but this is the problem mainly.

I would have tried to do any outside activities like the activity we had gone in front of HUSS beside the stairs. I have thought in something I am not sure if it is applicable or not which is to have a field trip to somewhere related to digital literacy company or place that work on/supports any idea we have in the class.

4. I tried to think a lot about which kind of person should take this class until I reached the conclusion that all of the people around should know the basics of the Digital Literacy, for example the things that were in Mozilla assignment, although it was so theoretical but it is required! All of these topics about Digital Identity and different cultures from all around the world should communicate properly in a healthy community like Soliya. For sure, it would be more greater if the one who is taking this is really passionate and keen on learning about Digital Literacy stuff


Contribution: activity

So, I have taken some time to think of a creative activity for the class that it really needs as I am an activity lover person. I thought what are the most things that might lack in the class is that we as students are not open to know each other. So, it is nice to have good communication with the professor. However, it will be also better for us students to be on good communication means with each other. That is why I thought of an ice breaker activity that might be done in the future in the first two classes as it must have an extension for the other class.

Image result for icebreaker,q_65/c_fill,w_1295,h_862,f_auto/w_80,x_15,y_15,g_south_

The Activity is as follows:

Each student will have to answer three questions, which are basically about him/her, the first question is: who he/she is. The second question is, what major and year he/she is. The third question is something interesting about him/her (it can be what is his hobby cause maybe not everyone has something interesting to tell). After finishing doing this, the professor will ask if anyone can memorize the whole class, the one who does so should have a reward. However, I do not expect that anyone will memorize each other ones’ three answers on the first/second day of classes. Though the professor will ask each student to write on the blog the answer for the three questions, and anyone who answers the three answers for the whole class will have a 1% bonus!!

As I said above it will have most of the students more engaged from the first days as they broke the “new people barrier” (not everyone can feel comfortable when there are new people around for more than 60 minutes, so they might need to discover colleagues through this game). I thought of this especially, because the classes of Dr. Maha needs engagement a lot and on the other side it is a preparation for Soliya, as it is also with new ‘strange’ different people, but already the student in this class has used to it, so he/she might not face a ‘not comfortable’ feeling when having Soliya sessions which is a problem I saw some of the colleagues facing.

Hint: When there is a bonus reward, they will never forget each other’s name at least :))
Which is the target of the game.
Another Hint: You know that feeling that from the very first class without having any grades, you just have an easy bonus like this! Students will like the class very much. (for sure the professor will tell them that they do not have to expect they will take much tasks as easy as this in order to make sure that they have a certain wrong expectation of the course).

Curation: Who is him?!

“أهلا بكم في برنامج البرنامج!” If you are an Egyptian or even Arab citizen you most probably have guessed who he is.

Yes, he is Bassem Youssef. He is an Egyptian comedian, writer, producer, surgeon, physician, media critic, and television host, who hosted El-Bernameg, a satirical news program, from 2011 to 2014. His show has been one of the most viewed influential powerful shows at the history of Egypt.

Image result for bassem youssef show

It all started with social media (Digital) for him! So, at the time of the 25th of 2011 revolution he was thinking in starting a show with a couple friends. He actually beginned his very first show that is called “The B+ Show”. The B+ Show has been named after Youssef’s blood type; B+, and had been shot entirely in Youssef’s laundry room with one table, one chair, one camera and a banner with amateur images of Tahrir Square. It was reported that for every 5 minute episode, he and his partners have to watch over 10 hours of media videos that helps them in writing the script! After being uploaded for the first time in May 2011, The B+ Show has gained higher than five million views at the very first three months, on its YouTube Channel! After being that successful through digital media, ONTV, an Egyptian channel, offered to host a satire show for him by calling it “Al-Bernameg”. It was season one that started to gain the popularity for Bassem Youssef.

Bassem Youssef has a talent that is not easily to be found among many people, so he has a nice scientific background which is a plus for him in many situation, he is a surgeon (doctor), his other abilities are mostly in his enormous facial expressions, he has been able to just send multiple emotions and feelings just through his face! This was one of the most important things that made him gain the popularity that is awesome! That is why he was the first one to come to my mind after thinking for some time about a digital influencer. His show is considered an entertainment show, he used each single way of Digital Literacy to market and make more views for his show. So, he was getting many scenes from different shows for different channels from different background, it was like grabbing attention for those people to the extent he hinted that The Egyptian authority had through a security way to cancel the Wednesday shooting of the episode, so he shot it on Thursday and screened it on Friday at the usual time! He hinted at the episode that the authorities (president) are all watching the episode to see what he is going to say!

After this, the second and the third seasons of El-Bernameg were more than firing at the Egyptian streets! It was discussing many things that provocative people but no one was there to speak for them. He is the one that was catching the errors and falls of any public figure whether it was good or not, for example: a very well known Egyptian public figure called Mortada Mansour, he made a whole part of an episode just for him! Bassem Youssef’s ability and his team he is working with had made Al Bernameg the highest show viewed by Egyptians! They were literally waiting for each Friday episode whether they are his fans or hostiles! Until 2013 It was reported that the total views on TVs channels had been 200 million views which is unbelievable!

In March 2014 Nilesat, the Egyptian satellite company, announced that it was investigating the jamming of broadcasts of Al-Bernameg for the reason that it had been claimed by an organisation known as the Egyptian Cyber Army.
In April of 2014 MBC announced that they would suspend the broadcasting of the show until the end of May “to avoid influencing Egyptian voters’ opinion and public opinion” in the run-up to the 2014 Egyptian presidential election.
Lastly in June 2014, Youssef announced the termination of Al-Bernameg where he said that the pressure on him, his family, and MBC had become so great.



You wondered what does it mean or even who is him?!

He is Mahmoud Hassan. An Egyptian Soccer player in the Turkish league. I consider him one of the best ever! Not only he is hard-worker but he is talented also! He got the nickname Trezeguet after the French legend Trezeguet.

There might be a question about what is the relation between him and the curation assignment!
Well, he is using Twitter for many years now.

Screenshot of Trezeguet’s official Twitter account

First when he was playing at Al-Ahly SC he was just retweeting very simple things from the followers, he was even following his fans (He followed me for a full year then I found later he is no longer following me).

One of the main things he was and still doing is putting and quoting very deep quotes/statements to the extent his friends (colleagues in the team) are making fun of him.

Last week, all of his followers and people around him have seen the fruit of his great effort. He is chosen in the best 11 players at the Turkish league! It is considered something great in his career because the Turkish league is coming just after the top 5 leagues in Europe. I think that I am writing this early, cause he is yet going to fire the next season. He has a bright future in my point of view.

Disclaimer: I do not think he meant to have this strategy organised in this way like the other public figures who have social media specialists that moderates their accounts on social media websites. It appears very clearly that Trezeguet is the one who is using his Twitter account. So, what is nice about it is being spontaneous to tweet whatever you think you want to share people with! One of this is the deep quotes he used to publish a lot.

So, after all of this. It is still considered as failing in applying the Digital following up with his followers. It seems that his digital Literacy is not good enough.

P.S There are many documentaries, articles and TV interviews with him available on YouTube.

Do Not Track!

I watched the first episode of the Do Not Track episodes. It is called “Morning Rituals”. It was very dynamic and fantastic. It had various images that got my eye and attention at first, then I started focusing on what the guy is saying in the video. He told about his daily routine, the place he lives and his Twitter account. I was astonished when I heard that he knows where do I live and then a screen came of Cairo and the weather!

It was not easy for me to have a snip because I could not go back in the video. If the scene pass I have to get back from the beginning to watch the few seconds I missed. It asked me about the site I am using to get my news from, first I typed so I found that it is tracked by 3 trackers (they were Facebook, Twitter and Google). And so the video said that these parties, and the tracker, are in corporation to track my activity! It asked me then about where I do waste my time, I entered Facebook and there were connections between the trackers and Facebook. So, my profile is sold after the formation of it through creating my digital identity. Some sites like do not need to have trackers they already know my preferences throughout my purchases for example. If any other website I do not pay money to access it should be making it by a way or another and most of them are using the Ads.

Danah Boyd who is in Data & Society research institute reported that it is no longer me it is all about the data I am giving to the websites, she continued that my data are used to judge other people!
Harlo Holmes who works at the Guardian Project claimed that my digital identity has to be related to my real identity (me as a person) and that it has to be protected. Not only I watch and see data on the internet but the source of this data watches me also!

I tried again the part of answering which website I use to get news from I entered and I was astonished that it had 13 trackers!

So, my overall experience about this is Awesome as I liked it. I find it very useful in these days where Openness is everywhere everyday and that I need to protect myself and my identity more. Websites are making money on the account of me!

I think that in the future I am gonna watch the full episodes and reading the whole articles on this site as it is much much useful. I will try to protect myself and my identity through not giving information as much.

Twitter Scavenger Hunt

What does it mean?!
If you know go write in the comment section before proceeding into reading the rest of the blog.
Actually, I asked you to write what does it mean in the comment section because I have no idea what it does mean! However I have an idea about #netnarr the hashtag. I was asked by my professor to participate in a Twitter Scavenger Hunt without knowing what it does implies or what actually we were going to do. However, I enjoyed my time with my classmates and other people from all around the world concerned with the topic “Digital Literacy”. The most thing I enjoyed is guessing the image! Also, a nice task was about Fake or Not Fake, it was nice in the way I am going to guess whether it is fake or not to examine my Internet knowledge in researching the data I am exposed to every now and then and for sure this data includes some fake news, info …etc

For More details about the Twitter Scavenger Hunt and what the tasks were at, visit this blog:

Soliya reflection

So, first of all, it was the first time for me to engage and participate in a program like this. I consider it a very great experience. I really enjoyed my time knowing new people from all around the world. It was not just a normal conversation, in my opinion, it is more of a constructive dialogue. I learned to listen to other points of views and ask questions rather than speaking.

Image result for soliya

Difference between discussions on social media and Soliya are huge! So, it is more civilized and organized on Soliya than social media with someone who can control everything who is called the facilitator. My experience was fantastic with my group moderator in contrast to some of my friends. I think the only thing that can be done to improve this awesome program is to have a separate reflection sent to everyone regarding the facilitator in many aspects, to help make it better for the ones that did not have a good experience with their facilitator. So, for me, I stopped discussions about anything on social media to avoid the uncivilized way of communication. However, I found my passion at Soliya to discuss different topics freely without any restrictions with mutual respect from me and the other side which I consider something awesome!

For me, if I had the chance to choose which way I shall communicate in, either face to face or online (digital) it would have chosen the face to face one. For multiple reasons, first of all is that if the part of digital which is texting, it is not revealing the right intentions and meanings, so for example, if I have an opposite opinion with someone on Facebook and I just wrote it in a comment, it would have been revealed that I am just the opposite side. However, If i expressed this opposite opinion in a face to face or even online video sharing it would reveal my right meanings through showing my facial expressions that can be smiling while I am just opposing the other side that means that I have no problem in being different and having various opinions about one thing! Of course, some people may have the ability to share whatever they think in a friendly way through texting and typing but it is considered a talent and not everyone have this skill, plus it requires extra effort than this who can just explain it in the face to face method.

I think that in order to foster and improve constructive communication generally, I need to ask questions that will raise my understanding of what the one I am communicating with thinks. I need to have my listening and speaking both close to be the same, nothing is higher than the other, despite knowing that it depends on the personality but this is in order to have the balanced thing and it may vary according to the one’s skills.

Final draft: game: What is your decision in this situation?!

This is the link to my final draft of the game:

First of all, I consider myself the most one who got learned from the designing of this game, as initially all of what I was thinking about was having enough awareness regarding the problem of gaps between different social classes. After getting the feedback from the people who played my game of the few scenarios of the first draft, I started thinking more regarding this real problem. I reached through focusing in the behaviors and treatments between both sides, the lower class and the upper class that it all needs a bit more awareness on the idea that neither the lower class is trying his best to make the life of the upper class people worse nor the upper class people are criminals and greedy.

Image result for individually we are alone

Another idea I wanted to focus on is that we all people need each other to maintain better life or even to be alive and that variety really makes difference as for example: without the dustmen we cannot stay alive! Same applies to any other job that varies in our communities and there is a stereotype that this job is done by a specific class standing.

The last idea I tried to include at my game was the idea of giving! It was controlling my mind that we all need to be more givers than takers!×2160/359138-Mother-Teresa-Quote-Never-worry-about-numbers-Help-one-person-at-a.jpg

Most of the scenarios I got from personal experience and observing situations around me. One situation was suggested by my colleague Dalia El-Adl which was about the divorced woman that needs a job to be able to spend on both her son and daughter.
Since the first draft, I increased the number of scenarios. I put visual images that also describe what I would like to say briefly with quotes.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. —Sir Winston Churchill

I thought that if I had more time I would have continued developing my game and get more reliable scenarios that is written in a better way. For sure I would have done a research especially for this game as a case study and get authentic statistics and numbers that prove or even may falsify the claim that there must be a more giving than taking and the huge social gap between the social classes here at Egypt.

The game draft!

So, after working for a long time on shaping what I do actually want to reach from my game and the idea that I can send through the game to the ones who play it, I shared the link of the game, which is this:

I would love to have your opinions and if there is anything you would recommend to modify or add.
Thanks in advance!

Design justice?!

So, for me while reading the article
“Design Justice: towards an intersectional feminist framework for design theory and practice.” It was like a maze for me! I had to repeat each line two to three times in order to comprehend it! Even the term Design justice is not easy to understand, and the definition has words that itself needs another definition. Here is the definition in the article: “Design justice is a field of theory and practice that is concerned with how the design of objects and systems influences the distribution of risks, harms, and benefits among various groups of people.”
I learned also about the function of design generally in my life, literally most of the things around me is designed for a purpose, maybe I do not what is the purpose of the slab in the infrastructure of the buildings, but Construction Engineers know the purpose, then I can call it a design, because it is there for a purpose.

So, design aroused as a solution for a problem. Imagine any problem the human is facing even if it is simple, you will find that there is a specific design made for it as an approach to solve this problem. For example, the one who is always late for his meetings, tries to help himself by making the clock late for few minutes in order to overcome the minutes gap in his realization of the time concerns! However, after some time he will try to overcome this (the ignorance that the clock is already not right) and will convince himself that there is still time as it is not accurate. What the human though about in this situation was just trying to design a design (solution) to overcome a specific problem.

Image result for first woman in egyptian parliament

Someone might ask what is the relation between design and justice, here is the answer very simple summarizing this big incomprehensible article, when the designing process is limited to a specific group of people without having a variety of all the people in the community (representatives), that is the injustice. Because no one will consider or even feel by other one’s problem very accurately as he does!
That is why we need it in our country to have representatives of the whole community in every single design room, whether it is a decision-making or execution or anything that needs to have a consideration of a living organisms around even if they are minority!

**The attached image if for Rawya Ateya, the first woman in the Egyptian Parliament history.